Dual approach, including litigation-ready when needed but focused on settlement when possible.

  • Dissolution of marriage and domestic partnership litigation, including:
    - property division, including property characterization, tracing separate property, and reimbursement issues
    - child and spousal support
    - exclusive possession of property orders
    - child custody and parenting plans, including move aways
  • Restraining order litigation
  • Modification and enforcement of orders and judgments
  • Same-sex issues (including dissolving the relationship, custody disputes, support, and property division)
  • Premarital/Postmarital agreements (transactional: drafting/review of agreements; litigation: contest/defend validity of agreements)
  • Paternity actions (unmarried couples’ parental/custody disputes)
  • Drafting and negotiating settlement agreements
  • Legal research and drafting
  • Consultation while the client remains self-represented during litigation or mediation.  This service can be transitioned to representation.
  • Limited scope representation on particular issues such as custody or support.
  • Extensive experience working with experts and other professionals, including forensic accountants, business valuators, custody evaluators, custody consultants, and private judges.

*Litigation does not require court appearances, although if it does, Ms. Passadori  is prepared to appear in court on contested matters from the first hearing through completion of trial.


Mediation Services*:

Intended to place the ultimate power in the parties’ hands to reach fair and enforceable agreements while avoiding the time and expense associated with court litigation.

  • Divorce, custody, child and spousal support, modification and enforcement of orders and judgments, property division, validity of premarital agreements and most other matters family law related matters.
  • Same sex issues
  • The parties will be highly encouraged to consult with independent counsel to review any settlement agreement reached by the parties before it is signed.
  • The mediator does not represent either party.  The mediator’s role is to guide the parties to an ultimate resolution of each issue in their case such that each party is satisfied with the outcome.

*There is not a requirement in California for particularized training to market one’s self as a mediator in California.  Ms. Passadori completed a 40-hour Intensive Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training with the Center for Understanding in Conflict in Marin, California.  She is skilled and trained as a mediator to assist parties to determine an agreeable resolution of their own dispute as opposed to have one imposed by a judge.